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Apollon Theater


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Orthodox Church of “Agios Nikolaos Plousios’

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Municipal Apollo Theater - Hermoupolis-Syros

The symbol of the cultural and intellectual development of Hermoupolis. Designed by the French architect Chabeau, it presents a small size copy of the Scala of Milan and it is decorated with rich wall paintings. Being the cornerstone of Hermoupolis’s intellectual life various cultural events are hosted there regularly.

Orthodox Church ‘Kimisis tis Theotokou’ (Dormition of the Virgin) -Hermoupolis-Syros

Located in Hermoupolis above the harbor it is also known as the Church of the Psarian People. It is a three-aisled basilica with many baroque elements lacking a dome.

Orthodox Church of “Metamorphosis tou Sotiros’ (Transfiguration of Christ) - Hermoupolis-Syros

The oldest Orthodox Church of Hermoupolis dating back to the 19th Century which is today the Seat of the Island’s bishop.

Orthodox Church of “Agios Nikolaos Plousios’  (Rich Saint Nikolas) - Hermoupolis-Syros

One of the largest and most impressive churches of entire Greece, located at Vaporia (a neighborhood where local ship-owners once lived) named as ‘Plousios’ (rich) after rich ship-owners financed its construction in 1848. Magnificent blue temple; high marmoreal tall towers, grandiose entrance and simple yet delicate interior design.

The Cathedral of Saint George (San Tzortzis) – Hermoupolis Syros

Situated on top of a hill in the medieval Town of Ano Syros it is the Cathedral of the catholic community of Ano Syros. Originally built back to 1.200AC with at least two restorations later, it is decorated with many valuable icons such as the historical icon of Saint George and the Icon of Virgin Mary of the Hope. Its impressive marmoreal floor, its ecclesiastic instrument with the wooden carved decoration and the sculptures of the Saints are worth visiting.

Orthodox Church of ‘Anastasi’ (Resurrection) – Hermoupolis Syros

Impressive byzantine church with a dome built in 1870, on top of Vrodado hill. Outstanding interior and exterior with a yard offering an astonishing view of Hermoupolis which lies under the hill, as well as Tinos and Myconos Islands.

Archeological Museum – Hermoupolis Syros

Worth visiting to find out about the history and cultural wealth of Syros, as well as about the vest of the Cyclades Islands.

Industrial Museum – Centre of Technical Culture – Hermoupolis Syros

It hosts more than 300 assembled or not assembled machines, tools and other equipment (textile industry, shipbuilding, carpentry, machining, glass-blowing, printing) of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Cultural Centre – Cycladic Art Museum – Hermoupolis Syros

Host of exact replicas of authentic protocycladic civilization exhibits hosted in Goulandris museum.

Municipal Library – Hermoupolis Syros

Get the chance to see the busts of many intellectuals of the Island such as Emmanouil Roides, Georgios Souris, Dimitrios Vikelas, Timoleontas Ambelas and Rita Boumi-Pappa.

The Art Gallery of Cyclades – Hermoupolis Syros

Situated in the Old Customs House, hosted in a restored old warehouse it hosts numerous exhibits worth seeing.

Ano Syros & Markos Vamvakaris Museum

Located at the highest hill above the port, Ano Syros exudes the magic of another age. Stroll along its countless alleys and discover the its Venetian beauties. Enjoy nice traditional food in taverns with majestic view, have your cocktail at bars around and get the chance to meet ‘Rebetiko’ music.

Housed in a restored building in Piatsa of Ano Syros, the museum honors this great composer and singer, who was born in Ano Syros. Singing the sorrow, the poverty, the women, the pain and the freedom through ‘rebetiko’ music, Markos Vamvakaris’s exhibits are there to take you back in time and whisper the lyrics of ‘Frangosyrianni’ and other all-time classic hits of him.








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